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"For all the foodies out there, Big Papou's® is honestly great. I've used it a bunch, and it's so good. If you like to grill and cook, check it out!" — Epic Lloyd (Los Angeles, CA)

"Big Papou's® is a game changer. It's my go-to seasoning for almost anything I cook. Its robust flavor brings my food to life. I use it to marinate my steaks with a little olive oil and lime juice and it feels like a night out at a steak house without the bank breaking bill. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to step up their game in the kitchen!" — Joe S. (Bayside, NY)

"LOVE BIG PAPOU'S®!! We use it on everythinggg... makes cooking so quick, easy AND delicious. It's THE BOMB on steak, loveee it on pizza... it really goes with pretty much any meal. The freshness and flavor is on a whole other level... pretty much can't live without it anymore. Hooked for life!!"— Lisa F. (Bayside, NY)

"I make my grandma's garlic and lemon chicken with Big Papou's®. It makes prep so much easier because all the ingredients I need are already in the jar."— Michelle A.

Amazing!!! I add Big Papou's® to literally everything. Nothing tastes boring." — Barbara P.

"Big Papou's® rub is not only delicious on meat, fish, and poultry, it's also amazing on vegetables and so much more! Just try it you'll be hooked!" — Annmarie G.

"Love Big Papou's®! Shared it with the family, and they love it too!!!" — Victoria Ann